On a Wednesday afternoon during a Michigan summer, I was born. From a young age, I've loved reading, art, and writing. I'd fill notebooks with lists, ideas, any thoughts that would pop into my head.

I was 12 when we got our first computer. I began teaching myself HTML and CSS so I could develop websites. Then I learned Photoshop so that I could make my websites look good.

Now, over 15 years later, I still have a passion for design and words. After starting my business in 2014, I have offered a variety of services to discover what really made me joyful to work each day.

When I'm not working, I spend time with my husband Chris and listen to old 2005 emo music we used to love when we first started dating. We also love trying new restaurants, spending time with your nieces and nephews, and board game nights. We've got quite the collection.

I love to make people laugh. Witty, sarcastic jokes are my favorite. Oh, and internet memes.

Krispy Kreme's cinnamon roll donut is my Kryptonite. That and a pumpkin spice latte.

Speaking of pumpkin spice, autumn is my favorite season. Is it Halloween yet?

I have an eclectic mix of music, ranging from Beyoncé to The Mamas and The Papas.
Current favorite? The Moana Soundtrack.

I start every workday with Good Mythical Morning and a cup of coffee. #mythicalbeast

The facts

Hello friend, I'm Stefani

from a dream to my own business

Let's take a trip...


The Spark of my dream

During a freshman orientation, we were asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I had never really thought about it more than wanting to create. But I wasn't sure if what I loved to do could also be my career. I confided in a good friend that I felt lost and she mentioned, "Don't you like making websites like my dad makes at his job?" That's when I knew I wanted to pursue web design as a career.


bye high school, hello...

I finally graduated high school and I thought, well this is it. I'll go to college to become a designer. And I'll get hired by some amazing company to make websites all day.

Reality hit quickly when I started working full-time and was so exhausted, college became an afterthought. And with each new job, I concluded that a life of design wasn't in the cards for me.


Settled into Adulthood

One industry I never thought I'd be in was healthcare. I get dizzy at the sight of blood but I found myself working at a dental office as a case manager. Everything fell into place for a while.


Then Bam! life changed

Walking to my car to head into work, I remember thinking how cold it was for March. The next thing I knew, I was on the ground. Slipped on a patch of ice. Weeks of physical therapy followed and I lost my job.

The summer came and I was starting to feel better and then...bam! Shattered ankle, blood clots fill my lungs a couple of days after surgery, and I woke up from a weeklong coma. 2014 was not my year.

But I'm here. I made it. And in 2015, I began the journey to building a life that meant something to me. I wanted to feel fulfilled and follow my passions. I started freelancing, went to a creative conference to connect with other women who thought like I do, and now have a business rooted in joy and service.


Stefani Jessica Blooms

After working a couple of years for myself and partnering with lots of different types of creative business owners, I began to identify which projects made my heart skip a beat.

Stefani Jessica was born in January and I now offer websites and content that shares my client's message. Finding confidence in my process and work has made all the difference. I strive to provide that same feeling of badassery to the amazing individuals I work with.

the future holds unending possibilities...

Disney movies

I don't have kiddos of my own just yet, but you can bet I know the words to all of Disney's movies. From The Little Mermaid to Frozen, I can belt out every ballad. And I may watch the movies a few times a week.

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Opening a new book

You will rarely see me without a book on my person. Ever since I was 4, I've loved reading and escaping through the stories within my hands. How can you not love having the world on your bookshelf?

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fruit-infused tea

With Southern roots in my family, I grew up on sweet tea. Being from Michigan makes finding good sweetened tea more difficult so I quickly discovered tea with fruit. Mango is my absolute favorite!

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Maya Angelou

As one of my favorite authors and poets, Maya Angelou was a huge influence on my love of writing. Her wisdom and insight still fuel me to a life full of joy, impact, and compassion for others.

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Apple Products

I'm that person. I mark my calendar when they'll be making an announcement. I have to try their latest offering to see how much I'll like it. I own a MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, iPhone, and Apple Watch. I'm hooked!

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my favorites

Brand & Website design and copywriting all in one complete package.

Stefani Jessica is a creative studio focused on creating a clear message for your business. Through intentional brand & website design plus copywriting all included in one package, stress less and flourish within your business.

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Websites focused on booking clients.

Stefani Jessica is a creative studio focused on creating a clear story for your business. Through intentional brand & website design, stress less and flourish within your business.
Coding since I was 12, creative since birth.

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