Showit and WordPress: A Match Made in Website Heaven | How They Work Together and Benefit You

March 19, 2018

How much do I love Showit as a website platform? Let me count the ways. The more I use their app to create websites for my clients, the more I see its potential, not only for photographers, but any business owner looking for a unique and interactive website. WordPress is also a powerful content management system that is truly used to its fullest potential when it comes to blogging.

Two subscription levels from Showit include WordPress blogs and many new subscribers or people wondering if it’s time to switch feel lost or confused on how exactly Showit connects to WordPress. It is more simple than you think!

How does it all work?

When you choose a subscription tier, Showit is there to help you setup your WordPress blog from scratch. Have a blog already? They’ll migrate your posts over so you won’t lose them (make sure to grab the tier 3: advanced blog subscription!). WordPress works great with Showit. You don’t need a different domain for your blog, or a plus site/subdomain. You’re able to keep your blog on your site, keeping your SEO and traffic all in one place!

You’ll have two separate accounts, your Showit account and your WordPress account. Your usernames and passwords will match but you’ll work in two different spaces to make your website possible. But it’s so easy to remember which is which and where you need to be to maintain your website.

Where do I design my Showit site and WordPress blog?

You’ll design both in Showit! That’s the first helpful tip to remember: anything design related will always be done in Showit. The only time you’ll need to design in WordPress is if you need an advanced plugin on a page on WordPress. But this is mostly used for things like membership sites and not everyone will be implementing those on their site.

Keeping your design in one place makes planning your user experience and the flow of your website to boost your conversion rate that much easier. You don’t need to feel limited by code or plugins to make sure you can have a website designed exactly as you’d like. Showit also provides unique functionality (like canvas views that allow you to add click through information, quizzes, gallery filters, and more!) so once it’s time to design your WordPress blog, you can have the blog of your dreams!

Where do I create blog posts?

Your other space you’ll maintain your website in is your WordPress dashboard. Your blog posts, comments, and SEO will be managed here. Adding posts to WordPress is very simple and maintaining a large amount of posts is made easy with categories and tagging.

WordPress was first and foremost a blogging platform and using Showit for the design is a perfect merging for a modern website that every business owner needs in the current marketplace. Your website is essential with most commerce happening online and the possibility of working with and connecting to people all over the world!

The benefits to this setup

True support

WordPress is open source which is great if you want total freedom to make the platform anything you want. However, be prepared to have a website developer on your team any time you want to make a major change. And what if something goes wrong (like a missed update or clashing plugins)? Be prepared to search forums, and a lot of them. And you may never find the answer! Someone has your problem with your newsletter app, you try the solution, but because you’re using a certain form plugin, it doesn’t work. It can quickly become a headache.

Showit offers support not only for your website, but with your WordPress blog! They are easy to reach, either through the in-app chat, email, or the Facebook User Group where the community and Showit team members help with any questions you may come across.

Blog posts with optimized SEO, but no code

WordPress has basic plugins that can be a huge help when you’re creating posts. My favorite one is definitely Yoast SEO. It’s free and so easy to use. You can optimize every single post to its fullest potential so you rank better on Google and it’s easier to find your post when someone needs the answer you’ve provided!

With Showit handling the design, most of your frequent maintenance will be within WordPress and you’ll know if you need to update pricing or add a new gallery to your portfolio, Showit is where you’d go.

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  1. Ashton says:

    I’ve been really curious about Showit for a while now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. AnnaKate says:

    Hello! I’m a designer considering using Showit for a client website. Is there any kind of capability to hand off the site to the client upon completion? Or, if they have any changes that need to be made, will that be something that I have to do?

    • Stefani says:

      Hello AnnaKate! You are able to either build the site in the client’s trial account and they can subscribe to hit publish and launch it or (this is what I do) build a demo site on your own account and then you create what’s called a share code. Then the completed site is available in the client’s library on their account. Showit is also very easy to maintain from the client’s perspective because it’s a drag and drop system. Showit has multiple forms of support (resource library, Facebook Groups, in app support, etc.) so that your client is never left high and dry once they’ve launched. Hope this helps!

  3. AnnaKate says:

    It does help, thank you!

  4. anabelle says:

    are you using showit to design your opt in as well? Do your wordpress plugins still work on the showit site? like i have recipe plugin, yoast, magic action box, etc etc. im so interested but also super confused with showit!

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