7 Reasons I Exclusively Use Showit for My Business

January 22, 2019

When I was 12 and first dabbling in HTML to create my own websites, I didn’t think creating websites was a job. Then when I was 14, I found out that yes, developing websites was a thing you could get paid for!

In 2014, I started my business and if you’d asked me, “What will be the hardest part of running our own business?”, I never would have thought it’d be making the websites. That’s what I already knew! But when I started creating websites for my clients especially, I couldn’t find a way to create a custom website for them that they could actually update themselves.

I’m a big believer that you should be able to update your own website. Relying on a developer to maintain your site can cause delays and hold your business back. It took a few years of trying multiple platforms and systems and in 2017, Showit 5 launched and I thought, sure why not try another.

I was using WordPress and Squarespace at the time and neither option was giving me everything I needed for my clients or my own website. I felt held back creatively on Squarespace and WordPress was giving me constant headaches with no clear place to find support. I knew my clients would always need to turn to me with site issues and I wouldn’t have a set solution which would waste a lot of both of our times.

When using Showit, I felt more creative and passionate than I ever had and their team blew me away with their willingness to teach me the platform inside and out. Today, it’s the only platform I use and offer to clients and here’s why.

Reason 1: The custom capabilities

When I create websites, I like to start with a concrete strategy. I felt like during the process, I’d come up with a lot of ideas I wanted to be able to implement, but I’d have to write a lot of code in order to achieve what I wanted. While I love to code, the amount of additional time needed to create a website this way would mean my clients would need a lot more time and money for a custom site.

Showit allows me to create code-level customizations without a ton of time and I feel I can create just about anything in the platform in one way or another. Whether the site is more traditionally setup or has a unique layout, I can implement whatever design will work best with the strategy I’ve created.

Reason 2: Interactivity

Websites can require a lot of content. With Showit, they have a way (called canvas views) to click through information. I love using canvas views for a ton of fun ways to create more of an exploring experience on your website rather than just scrolling and reading. You can create:

  • quizzes
  • dynamic testimonials
  • multi-gallery portfolios
  • processes and timelines
  • super unique forms
  • pop-ups
  • choose your own adventure

The possibilities to creatively use this features adds a lot of enjoyment and immersive elements to my websites and I use them often. Now this all might sound great but are you thinking, “how the heck would I set that up myself?”

Reason 3: Ease of use

Showit has a learning curve, like any platform out there, but once you’ve learned how the pages and canvases work, you are able to create a wide range of beautiful and strategic features for your website.

Whether you’re hiring a custom designer or using a template, maintaining and updating your Showit website is simple consists mostly of double clicking either text and writing your new copy or images and swapping them out. Then you hit publish and it’s live. I appreciate any changes I make not being live immediately as well because I’m able to build new parts of my site behind the scenes and others won’t see it until I hit publish. I can be sure everything is working and I’ve been able to create an amazing design without worrying the changes are online before I’m ready for it to be seen.

Reason 4: A WordPress blog

I like to think Showit discovered the way WordPress was always supposed to be used. WordPress is a content management system. It was never meant to be a design program and with all the coding required to create truly beautiful websites on the platform, it shows. But with all of the design taken care of by Showit, I’m able to use and enjoy WordPress like I couldn’t in the past. I dive more into how they exactly connect with one another in this past post.

When I write my blog posts, that’s really the only time I am using WordPress and if I face any issue with my account, Showit is there to help. Speaking of…

Reason 5: Showit has fantastic support

When I hand off a client website, I know if something comes up down the line and my client needs help, Showit is a great resource and can help them quickly. In addition to great tutorial videos, giving me the ability to keep my tutorial videos I make for clients short and easier to watch, Showit offers in-app support, emergency email, and a Facebook Group filled with the people behind Showit, fellow users, and other talented designers that can answer any lingering questions they may have if either I’m unavailable or they are wanting to find out an opinion from a group of like-minded creatives.

Reason 6: Small but mighty community

Showit’s community and user base won’t stay small much longer, but you definitely feel like you can get to know others that use the platform in their businesses as well. It’s great to connect with other designers, celebrate other’s launches, and help people when they hit a snag when setting something up.

I love that there is openness among the Facebook Group especially and that Showit has been around for a while but still feels new and exciting. They’re still adding updates and new features often, listen to what people using the platform need, and their team is growing alongside the platform.

Reason 7: Potential for the future

With all the pros Showit already has over other platforms, I also see its upcoming potential in the market. With their plus sites (think like a sister site to your main one) and capabilities for embedding shops and other services and products your business could offer in the future, Showit can accommodate most any new venture your business is adding.

Wondering if Showit could be the platform for your site? Take our quiz and find out! And you’ll be the first to know when our new business opens in the upcoming months, much more on that soon!

  1. Brandy

    March 6th, 2019 at 10:36 AM

    I’ve been looking for a new platform! Thanks!!

  2. Stefani

    March 6th, 2019 at 1:01 PM

    Glad to hear I could help in any way! ^_^

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