Expand Your Website: 10 Unique Uses for Showit Plus Sites to Enhance Your Business

October 11, 2017

Showit is an emerging platform in the creative industry that I simply love. It can be used for any kind of business and creates unique websites with no coding. I’ve been a developer for 16 years but I am a fan of any platform that helps my clients have an amazing website that is easy to keep current. When you sign up for Showit, your domain is linked to your account.

Once you publish your main site and blog, you’re able to create a plus site. Plus sites are extensions of your main site. They use what is called a subdomain (blog.stefanijessica.com vs. stefanijessica.com/blog) and you can create as many as you need on Showit’s platform as part of your subscription cost. There are many possibilities when it comes to the way you use your plus sites. Between creating a high end client experience, giving detailed information to potential clients, or using them to make your process more streamlined, plus sites allow you to make your Showit website work for you.

01. Subscriber Sign-up

When creating a page to entice people to sign up for your email list, you want no distractions. You’re able to start with a clean slate and design a page that shares with the viewer how your newsletter will give them value. Using subdomains/plus sites also creates an easy to remember url, making your subscription page easier to share.

02. Free Resource

A free resource is a fantastic way to grow your email list and help your subscribers. Once people visit your signup page and submit their information, direct them to a free resource! You can provide an interactive guide with education and even include multiple pages.

03. Client Portal

While I personally use Honeybook for my client portal and paperwork, a plus site would be a perfect way to communicate with clients in one place. You can create a plus site on Showit for each client project or one plus site for clients, then one page per project. This space can house your project paperwork, present proofs for design work or a link to a client’s gallery of photos.

04. In-Depth Brochure

When laying out your services all on one page or each package having its own sales page, the number of details needed to fully explain what is included can overwhelm potential clients. On your main website, using sales-focused copy is most important to sell the value you provide and the services you offer. But once you have an inquiry, sending them to a site that has each included aspect of a package broken down can help them feel more comfortable to book you.

05. Timeline

Project timelines can get crazy. Day-of services (like event planners, photographers, caterers, etc.) need an hour by hour plan to make sure everyone involved knows what to expect and anticipate what is needed from them. Projects that take weeks to complete also can benefit from a solid timeline. Creating a place to refer back to while working with your clients or before the big day takes a lot of stress off of you to explain things in the moment. And timelines can usually be used again for a future project, saving a lot of time.

06. Showit Templates

Showit sites start with a template when you create one. For my fellow designers, where do you think they come from? As a form of passive income, you can create Showit templates of your own. I have three so far, listed in the Showit Design Shop until I reopen my shop again in January. It’s a great way to learn the platform inside and out and flex your design muscles. Plus sites are free so you can make as many as you’d like!

07. Course Sales Page

Digital courses are everywhere lately and for good reason. Making education accessible can create primary or secondary income is a great way to build income and having a dedicated sales page connected to your site will allow you to focus your message to that particular course. Signature courses (your most involved and pricey offering) will look more professional on it’s own site and having complimentary branding is easy to set up using Showit’s design settings.

08. Post Project Product Ordering

Once you launch a project or deliver files to a client, sometimes they have included products that they need to order. For example, a photographer can guide their clients through ordering an album, canvases, or prints. And brand designers who offer stationery printing as well can create an informational site and form so that their former clients can order their business or thank you cards. Throwing in some FAQs can help squash many emails back and forth as well, eliminating confusion.

09. Design Presentations

Presenting a design concept on your website, outlining each element and the reasoning behind it educates your client. Sharing your thoughts during the creation process can bring a lot of clarity to the people you work with and show off your expertise (aka why they hired you!). Whether it’s a full brand for designers, a wedding invitation suite for calligraphers, or an inspiration board for event planners, the possibilities are endless.

10. Demo Sites

This may be my favorite way to use plus sites on Showit: demo sites. I use them with every client I work with and it makes the process of final transfer a breeze. I have full access to the site without having to know their login information. During the design and refinement phases, I can build out each part of the site before publishing and sending the demo link to my clients. And once the site is done, having a pure copy of the site gives you two huge benefits:

  1. If anything happens to your client’s account, you have a version of their site. It’s just minimal effort, maximum customer service.
  2. When you add the site to your portfolio, your client is free to update and change the site as they need but you always have the version you created. This makes keeping your favorite designs in your portfolio a breeze.

So in conclusion…

There are so many possibilities and uses for plus sites. I love finding new ways to use and grow my Showit website and to make the most of my client’s site regardless of their industry.

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