Why We Worked with a Brand Designer & Relaunched Stefani Jessica Studio

July 23, 2018

After a ton of hard work, late nights, and losing track of how much coffee, tea, and frozen Baja Mountain Dews from Taco Bell I had for the caffeine…the site is done! Back in April, I was feeling pulled in a new direction. Maybe you know what I mean. It was a thought I’d have once a day, “wouldn’t it be awesome if I could just do websites, since that’s what I’m most passionate about?”

It took me almost 6 months to confirm that my thoughts were valid. But a lot of that came from fear. I felt like people expected a brand designer to create their website. And the reverse! Would people book me if I only offered websites and had to send them to another creative for the brand? That fear held me back from taking the plunge, doing some research, and doing only what I loved the most. But now, we’re here. This relaunch feels more than a visual change. My studio is offering a unique and valuable service. My husband is now part-time with me! I’ve been able to work with truly amazing people this year and have so many opportunities coming up that I never imagined.

Hiring someone else

Even though I’d branded myself for the past 4 years, I knew I needed an outside perspective. I pulled away from branding for a reason. I’ve been shifting my mindset in working with clients towards building a team around your project. I truly believe in this approach because you’re bringing in passionate, talented people who are doing their best work and it’s all coming together to make your project extraordinary.

I’ve been a fan of Angela of Saffron Avenue for 10 years and she helped me to hone in on the quality and details about Stefani Jessica that makes it a true studio now. I am expanding my offerings while simultaneously narrowing my focus and she did such an amazing job to bring my art to my brand. More of my inspiration I draw from is part of my business. Here’s the reason we knew we needed to work with someone else to rebrand.

Collaboration to enhance the outcome

Like I mentioned, working with individuals who are passionate and extremely talented in their field is the best way to create an exceptional end result of any project. Working with just one person versus multiple people towards the same goal has pros and cons, but I knew my business was heading in a direction that I needed to work with multiple people.

This was one of the first times I’ve worked with another creative, definitely the first time for branding. I have to admit, I went into the whole thing thinking I knew what I was gonna want and all the answers to any possible brand discovery questions that could be thrown my way. After all, I had been branding people almost the entire time I’ve been in business, and while designing brands wasn’t where I truly felt the most passionate, the strategy and digging deep into a business was always so inspiring to me, especially for the website phase of my projects.

Working with Saffron Avenue

Right from the start when I filled out Angela’s brand questionnaire, I felt all of my brand goals and ideas shifting. Getting to look at my business objectively really helped set my ideas into motion for the site, the new clients I’d love to work with from here on out, and the look I was hoping to achieve. I don’t think I’d have such a clear path in mind for the future of Stefani Jessica without Angela’s help from the first step of the process and throughout. She helped me gain a ton of clarity.

Elevate my brand to reflect my new approach

Let’s be real here for a minute. I’m not shy to say it…my brands that I created for myself were ok. I always felt better when creating my client’s brands than my own. This is a very common struggle for all designers, having to work for themselves essentially. I knew I wanted a high end, artistically driven client base but my brand was as chic and refined as I could get it. It was simply because my style just doesn’t ebb on that side of brand styles.

Getting to work with someone who can create designs that will appeal to my ideal audience was key to feeling more confident in my visual identity. Your personal style is so important in your brand, through messaging and your client experience. But your visuals are what draw in people you’d love to work with so you have that chance to communicate with them. Pushing yourself past what you like or gravitate towards in day-to-day life but represents your business to a tee, that’s what I was able to tap into with Angela when we worked together.

I wanted to raise my pricing (and value to my clients)

We all want to charge more, no shame in saying it. We’re businesses and just because we are helping others doesn’t mean we can’t make a living from it. When I first started, I looked everywhere but within my business to dictate my pricing. When I had to come up with my own package investments that I felt were true to my expertise, value, benefits to my clients, and the work I produce, I came up with numbers I felt fantastic about. I knew I was worth these prices. I knew I could provide my clients with the value that they had paid for and I was confident they’d be happy paying that amount because of how much it benefited them to work with me.

Then came the anxiety. Do people look at my business and expect these prices? Do I give off the high end approach and personal experience my ideal clients would want to invest in? I felt an immediate no. Something was off, I couldn’t build trust in this type of business owner. So what was the problem?

Looking within instead of all around me

When looking at my business, I felt great about my process, communication, and messaging. And of course my ability to create a website I’d love. But I turned to my brand and felt lost and less than enthused. Accepting that my brand was what was holding me back, maybe not in bookings, but in the steadfast momentum I could achieve by knowing I was enough, gave me the guts to reach out to Angela for my branding and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made while in business.

To say I’m in love with my studio, brand, and website would be an understatement! I’m so happy with how everything turned out and another HUGE shoutout to Angela, she is the best!

Do you like the new look? We’re open for business, taking new projects for the fall and winter! Plus, our shop launches August 31st, with some beautiful site templates and tutorial to help your business run ore smoothly. And don’t forget to celebrate along with us! Enter our giveaway, a way to say thank you for all your support!

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  1. Katie

    July 25th, 2018 at 10:47 AM

    Congrats! She did an amazing job!

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