The Project Timeline: Crafting a Ready-to-launch Website and Content in 6 Weeks

September 29, 2017

When building a business strategy, custom website, and all of the content for that site, a solid timeline is key. As a business owner, you know that projects have a lot of moving parts. I like to have the same timeline for each client so that there are no questions about what comes next. I love a good process, especially because it helps me as well!

When we both have clear goals and focus, it makes staying on time easy as pie. I’ll be going over my project timeline today for The Immersive Story Package (with some details about The Brave Launch Package as well).

Kickoff Skype Meeting

On your project start date, after you complete your client homework, we go over your answers, brainstorm some ideas, and get to know one another better. This is one of my favorite steps of the process because I love getting to talk with each other face-to-face. Working with clients all over the world can make it hard to connect, especially when a local client would be a lot closer so I could see them physically. But video calls help me to expand on your answers given in the questionnaire. It also helps to hear how you talk to integrate that into the content I write.

Setting the Stage

Before any designing begins, and once I understand what will work best for your project after our chat, I create a moodboard and sitemap. The moodboard sets the tone for the website design. A sitemap is a bit more technical and less fun to look at. I literally map out what pages will be included on the site, where they link to, and what call-to-action will lead your audience to each part of the site they need to view so that they are more likely to book you! These two files get us set off on the right foot. We refine and perfect them during the first week of the timeline.

Outline Genuine Content

Once we know what pages need content and how we’ll use the site to book you clients, I’ll create an outline of the text that will go on each page and start your brand voice document. Your brand voice document will help you keep your message consistent in blog posts, on social media, and in emails. Your website should help to reach the goals we outlined earlier in the process. Laying the groundwork for an effective message will make it easier to craft your story once we begin writing the wording for your site.

Design the Wireframes

The last planning we work through to wrap up the second week is creating the wireframes for each section of the site. Similar to the sitemap, the wireframe lays out where everything will be located. Your logo, images, and text including headers and paragraphs will be planned out. Not only does it save lots of time when it comes to building the site, but we can finalize all the small details to make refinements quick and simple in the following weeks.

Website Design

Whether you choose Squarespace or Showit, next I’ll create your demo site at the beginning of the third week. I use my own account so that I can easily log in and work on your site, then send you the link to the demo whenever updates are made. We work on one page at a time and since you’ll already have signed off on the wireframes, feedback is focused more on the functionality rather than the design. For the next one to two weeks, I’ll build out your website. If you expand your site to have more pages, it will take a little longer. As I build out the site, we also simultaneously work on your content.

Craft a Message Along the Way

As you sign off on each page’s design and functionality, I add the finalized content to that page. With your feedback, I’m able to tweak and perfect each page’s purpose and message. Once you’re happy with the content, I collect all of it in Google Docs in our shared Google Drive folder we use during the project. I love using G-Suite during the project because it backs up your project files and you have access to them for a longer period of time. Your final design files are also delivered to you this way.

Set You Up for Success

During the final week or so, I complete your brand voice document. Then all that is left is to plan your launch (I love sharing them on my blog and of course want to celebrate along with you!) and I provide a graphic for your social media to announce when your new website is live. I also provide 2 weeks of post-project support so that you feel confident that your launch will go smoothly. I try throughout the timeline to keep your stress levels low and your excitement and passion high. Once you launch, your additional messaging help will keep you creating content and buzz around your business once the initial excitement inevitably dies down.

What about the launch package?

The Launch Package is very similar in its timeline. While we don’t need a sitemap or moodboard, I create complementary course branding and a sales page to sell your course. I love writing sales copy and want you to be able to focus on perfecting your modules and videos so I also create marketing material for you, which includes:
• cleaned up testimonials that hook buyers
• sales funnel copy up to 7 emails
• 3 ads worth of content for Facebook and Instagram
• 10 FAQ answers
• pitch script to introduce your course in a live webinar
• welcome email for new students

I’m so excited to start offering these two packages soon! Booking opens October 16th but if you’d like to hop on the waiting list (because spaces are extremely limited the November and December 2017 and all of 2018), visit either the story or launch service pages.

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