How to Minimize Distraction Without Keeping Your Phone in Another Room

October 6, 2019

Your smartphone can be the biggest distraction in your workday. I know mine was! From social media to games to just the number of notifications that were coming through, I was constantly picking up my phone to check why the light came on.

As my business grew and I became busier, I was wasting a ton of time in my day. But simply silencing my phone completely or even leaving it in another room just made me think about if I was missing something even more. So I came up with some rules and changes that helped me to minimize distraction and maximize productivity.

First, change your notification type.

When you’re hearing noises and your phone is lighting up, it’s so tempting to check what it says. I was going crazy picking up my phone throughout the day so I went into my settings to turn off all of my notifications. But then I noticed, you can choose what type of alerts you get. So I turned off the banner alerts and only left on badges for any business-related apps, including my email.

Second, schedule small blocks of time to view your phone.

Once my badges were setup, I setup small breaks in my day where I’d go on Instagram, preview some of the emails in my inbox, and check in with my other social media before getting back to work. Setting a time limit helps a ton to stay on track and be strategic about what you check and the badges/numbers on the apps let me know where I had a message, email, etc. to check.

Every 2-3 hours of work, I’ll schedule about 15 minutes on my phone. This gives me time to comment thoughtfully on Instagram and check my email. I also watch everyone’s Insta-Stories which is my total guilty pleasure. Then I can focus when I’m working on what I’m doing.

Lastly, create downtime on your phone after work hours.

If you have an iPhone, the Screen Time app should be your best friend! You can choose apps to mute and disable. Plus, you can set a start and end time. I personally mute all of my business-related apps from the time my business hours end until the next morning. Then you won’t be disturbed the rest of the night even with your badge notifications until you’re working again.

So, what would you do with your additional time? Let me know in the comments!

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