The Essentials You Need to Finally Launch and Expand Your Website

April 10, 2018

Creating or redoing a website can feel overwhelming. Getting from planning to launch has a lot of moving parts. It can really hold you back from hitting publish and getting your website out there.

Between necessary pages and the design/development, you may feel that you’re never ready. Your business needs a website, period. How will you book clients or sell your products? I know how much anxiety launching something in your business can be. For your site, there are certain elements you need to have to launch, and then you can grow the site alongside your business. Let’s take a look at your must-haves to get that site online.

The Essentials

If you’re launching a website, you need just one page to get going. Your homepage, when broken up into sections, is essentially a scrolling website without needing to click away for information. If you want to launch a new service and don’t want to have to wait until you build out a whole site, a one page beginning is so helpful. You have less content to create which will cut down a lot of time. If you make sure to include must-have elements on your site, you will create a similar impact to a much larger site.

Your mission statement

When a visitor first lands on your site, you want them to understand your business’ value quickly. A most basic mission statement includes 3 essential components:

  1. Who you are
  2. What you do
  3. Who do you do this for?

When a potential client can easily gauge your value and how well you can solve a problem their facing, they are more likely to explore your business more. Getting to know you instills trust and makes you easier to book. And that’s what we all want, right? Which leads us to…

Your about and services sections

Next you want to expand upon your who and what of the statement. Keeping your about section short and sweet will make sure that your stay focused on what’s important with your limited content. Splitting your content 50/50 between professional and personal information ensures the reader will feel that they know you better but know how you’ll be able to help.

When you’re displaying your packages, outlining the general value and starting price can give a potential client enough information to inquire with you. Whether your portfolio is on the site itself or you need to link an external gallery, you want to make sure you have examples of what you’re capable of. Having testimonials, or social proof as they call it, will give you additional credibility. It shows site visitors that you have worked with other clients and they were served well by you.

Give them a way to contact you

Probably the most important element on the site will be a way for an interested person to contact you. Minimally, you’ll want to include a simple form and your email (in case forms are not the visitor’s thang). But you’ll usually want to include a business phone number as well if you serve your clients locally. That way, setting up a coffee shop chat to go over your packages is made that much easier.

Other (super important) details

You’ll need a few other elements that, let’s be honest, I’m sure you won’t forget. But just in case, I want to remind you to make sure you have:

  1. Social media icons
  2. A mobile/responsive design (a must!)
  3. Confidence

Yeah, number 3 is a big one. Your website will never be “perfect” or “done”. Think of it as a ever-growing and shifting creature. Super weird, right? But when you realize that your website will keep changing, either with new content or some new tech, it will always be shifting. So getting it out there is the best thing you can do! Once you launch, you’re bringing attention to your business and also able to book clients and make income along the way.

Now, there won’t a specific time when you’re supposed to grow or expand your website. But there are some key tips you’ll want to remember when the moment arrives.

The Tips

Grow slowly

Don’t feel pressured once you launch to create completely separate pages for all those more focused sections on your homepage. The best way to plan out expanding your site to have more than one page is to think of what will make a potential client more than ready to book you after viewing your website. Do you get common questions about your services and packages? Share more about the process or create an FAQ section! Small details like this will make the journey from landing on your site to inquiry that much more strategic.

Share your newest (and best) work

Updating your portfolio is an easy way (in terms of content) to update your website and provide more value to a reader. Once you have some new happy clients that align with your ideal client (aka people you’d love to book again), make sure to share it!

When it’s time to add content marketing to your business

When you’re first starting a business or want to get a rebrand/new services out there into the world, having to write a bunch of blog posts or start a newsletter may seem daunting. And with the amount of content to create, it may be best to focus on getting done rather than stressing about not having enough additional content. But once your business has found its rhythm once more, content marketing is a fantastic way to keep building up your website and bringing back repeat traffic.

Your blog will bring people back (while also helping your SEO a ton if you provide awesome content) and a newsletter is an additional layer you can use to connect with your audience and build more trust.

Now, get out there and launch your website!

Once you’ve launched your website and grown it a bit, the next important steps are making sure it’s actually converting your traffic into inquiries. Make sure to download my website kit below that covers the must-have elements every website needs and will walk you through how to add each one!

Are you missing out on potential clients? The fix can be as simple as updating your website.

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