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June 13, 2018

Krista and I have been friends now for almost 4 years! I can’t even remember how we can across one another but she has been so supportive of my business the entire journey. She is a person that truly believes in helping others and goes out of her way to show her appreciation. So to get to launch a new website for her was such a joy!

We’ve done many smaller projects together but it was definitely time for Krista to take all the hard work she has done over the last couple of years and elevate her message and offerings. I love the feminine look we achieved with her website and brand. Megan, my logo guru from Letterform Creative, created such a beautiful look for Krista that subtly hints at the law of attraction and manifesting a more joyful life and profitable business.

I’m truly honored to have worked with Krista. Here’s her experience in her own words.

I was so unhappy with the way my website looked before working with Stefani. I knew that I wanted to start a new business, and I was dreading the thought of trying to design and set up my new brand and website myself. I knew it wouldn’t look nearly as professional and beautiful as I wanted it to!

Before contacting Stefani last year, I played around with Squarespace to see if it might be a viable option for me, and although I liked it, I found it was lacking some of the features I wanted. I also purchased a pack of pre-made (but adjustable) logos from Creative Market and tried using those to step up my brand.

There’s only one person I think of when I need help with web design, and that’s you! I’ve seen so many gorgeous websites that you’ve created, and I knew I wanted mine to look just as great.

I now have a beautiful, functional, professional-looking brand and website. I feel like potential clients and customers will take me more seriously when they land on my website!

Stefani was so great with communication. I must have sent her a hundred emails during our project, and she responded to each one with time and care. I never felt “out of the loop” at any point along the way! Going through the process, I now feel like I have a much clearer vision of my brand, my business identity, and who I want to serve and attract to my website and business.

How has your business changed since we launched your project?

Things have been growing rapidly! New email subscribers are coming in every day, and people are actually asking me to create offerings that they want to buy. It feels great!

Visit the site

Check out Krista’s new site (and her free resources, they’re fantastic!) and I’d love to hear what you think! Let me know in the comments!

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