What Han Solo Taught Me About Growing My Business with Systems

May 21, 2019

Star Wars and growing business systems? What a nerd!

You’re so right. I love my nerdy brain that blends creativity and strategy together. I heard so much when I was relaunching Stefani Jessica that people can see systems as restricting.

There are set steps to take in any process or system, but there’s flexibility there, too! Today we’re going to talk about the freedom systems can bring you and how Han Solo and Chewbacca are the kings of creating business systems that grow alongside your business.

We’re going to start off talking about what every truly successful business owner secretly knows about growing their business. 

Your business is a vehicle for you to get your message and offerings into the world, right? Well, the systems are all of the functions of that vehicle. Like the engine, the ignition, but it also includes the entertainment system, locking the doors, opening and closing the windows, systems are literally everywhere.

And the honest truth is that your life is dependent on systems all the time. You depend on systems to drink water, to get food from the grocery store, to stream Netflix. 

To get food from the grocery store, there is a pattern, or a system, in place for grocery stores to get food from the trucks who deliver it, who get food from the growers, and each of those parts of the system has their own system. I don’t really know anything about grocery stores, but I know that there are a lot of systems it takes for me to buy some mango hibiscus tea.

So it doesn’t matter how much you may say “you don’t have systems” in your business, you actually do.
They might just be broken.

Are you having to reply with basically the same email a dozen times a month but you’re rewriting it every time? Are you editing your images the same ways but you are manually adjusting each possibility? If this is you, you do have a system, it’s just not a very good one.

So here’s what the truly successful business owner is secretly doing…they’re constantly upgrading their systems.

So here’s where Han comes in!

The business owner is Han Solo, and the Millennium Falcon is their business systems.

Is Han Solo a pilot with or without the Millennium Falcon? For sure. Just like you’re a photographer or coach or a designer whether you have a business or not.

But Han Solo can’t really do anything without his ship. He can think about stuff, he can be a passenger for someone else. But when it’s really time to make his move and either escape or save the day…he needs his ship.

Have you noticed that Han Solo and Chewbacca always seem to be making repairs on the ship too? They’re always making upgrades to that thing and it is one of the sexiest ships in the movies. And it’s because it fits Han Solo and Chewbacca SO WELL. They know how it runs. They’ve made the adjustments they specifically need to be able to do.

The successful business owners aren’t just winging it, and selling you offerings out of their handbags. They’re flying a ship that’s a HUGE asset to their business.

They’re making repairs when needed. They have people to help them. When they are wounded like Han Solo might be in one of his missions, they have a crew member who can take over and they can still accomplish their mission.

But the thing is, you don’t just find a perfectly built system and fit yourself into it. Nope, that doesn’t exist. 

You build your system exactly around what you and your business need to succeed… Just like Han and Chewie made the Millennium Falcon be able to go at hyper speed so they could escape from the authorities while they’re doing illegal stuff.

That’s the key, you BUILD your system to fit your needs. You don’t adjust your business to fit into some perfect system. Everyone’s is different and when a piece breaks or could be enhanced, you work on that one spot to make the system even better!

Do you see how you can build a growing business with systems? What’s holding you up from creating your first system?

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    hahaha, love this!! super great advice 🙂

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