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May 29, 2018

You know that feeling when you book a client and you literally do a happy dance around your apartment while your mom is on speakerphone cheering you on? That was me. In February, I had the true pleasure of meeting Darci from Greenwood Events. Her work is so stunning, I wish there were a better word to describe it.

We worked from March to May, honing in on her style and creating not one, but two websites that better represent the expertise, details, and artistic eye that she brings to every event. I’m sharing about her sister company The TOP in my next post, but make sure to check out that site as well!

You may remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted about the 4 essential components every website needs. And I thought of that idea because I include all of them in every client project. Wanna see how I thought through them on Darci’s site? Let’s dive in!


I exclusively work in Showit for all of my clients. The fact that I can do so much for each business while making it work for their needs is the biggest selling point for me. Also, their support is amazing and even provides help after we launch if their WordPress site goes on the fritz. No searching forums for hours on end!

With the custom details we wanted to implement on Darci’s site, like focused galleries and a homepage slider with varied layouts for each slide, I knew Showit would create the interactive and beautiful look we wanted. Plus, we were able to present her information in fun ways, like her services. We took full advantage of Showit canvases and focus on photography so that her work could really shine and demonstrate her vast knowledge and impeccable aesthetic.


The brand I created also leveled up her business with fine china details and rich jewel tones. Her look is high end without being bland. The bold, beautiful blue helps add a pop of color while staying refined.

With lots of whitespace and thinly aligned content, the site feels open and you really focus on what you’re meant to see. The content is minimal to keep things straight to the point without a bunch of fluff. But Darci was able to share what drives her passion for her work and how she can help every couple have a wedding to remember.


Along her delivered brand package with all the fies she could ever need (no joke, there’s over 200 files!), I created a video for Darci where I share my screen and walk her through the necessary details she and her team will need to keep her site beautiful and updated.

For Darci’s site, the main focus was her features, portfolio, and blog posts. Keeping site visitors informed on the publications she has been featured in shows credibility. Her portfolio has entire weddings told through the gallery and giving her the ability to share the couple’s story in this way helps potential clients see how her mind works from start to finish of their event.


Always my favorite part, we implemented touch points in her design to keep people moving around her site but able to quickly get all the information needed to fall in love with Greenwood Events and be ready to book once they land on the contact page!

Since her experiences with each client is unique, I wanted to showcase how she makes each client’s dreams come true for their wedding. The testimonials are front and center to show her happy clients and their kind words about working with Greenwood. Where she has had her work featured is also so important in the wedding industry so there’s a link to her dedicated features page.

On the about page, combining the services and information about the studio, Darci, and her partner and stepdaughter Arden, keeps the viewer on that page longer. You get a lot of information in a smaller space.

Her portfolio opens each gallery one its own page to bring all focus to her work. The photos are in an order that tells a story of the day and ends with her tablescapes and reception spaces where all of her strengths are on display. Between the florals, tableware, and beautiful scenery, she’s able to create an entire mood around each day.

The other detail that was very important was an extremely minimal navigation menu. We both agreed that having a ton of pages to sift through would take away from the extremely custom experience she provides each client. Since the details are best discussed together as a team, we shared what was important to know before booking on each page and once they connect with Darci, they can get the final piece of the puzzle before booking which is her personal attention.

Visit the site

I’m so happy for Greenwood Events and I’m excited to share her sister company’s site and brand this week!

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