The Apps You Need to Create a Solid Foundation for Your New Business

October 19, 2019

Congratulations, you’ve done it! You’re taking the steps to start your own business and that takes a lot of guts. But now you’re probably thinking, where do I start?

Apps will be your best friend as you run your business solo or with a partner because you can automate and streamline your processes, giving you time for the important stuff like content marketing, client work, and product creation. There are so many out there, which do you pick? Here are my go-to apps when helping a new business start from scratch.


Gmail is hands down the best email software around but did you know there are other benefits to using Google? With G-Suite, you gain access to other features like word documents, spreadsheets, and forms that you can use to collaborate and keep track of your business.

Google Docs are great for creating collaborative word documents that are easy to share and comment on. I use Google Sheets when I need to keep track of data, like expenses and income for my business. And Google Forms make it easy to collect information from people and store all the answer in one place. Using G-Suite for your business is a must-have.


I’ve written in the past about my love for HoneyBook. And it’s only grown since then. HoneyBook is perfect for a new business owner because you can streamline and organize such a huge chunk of your business in one handy place. HoneyBook can handle all of your paperwork, templates, and bookkeeping so you can easily book new clients and look professional in the process.


Planoly is my favorite tool out there to schedule and plan your Instagram marketing. You can see what your feed will look like ahead of time, plan your stories out, and store your hashtags to use on your posts. They are a partner of Instagram so you can even auto-post!

Marketing is key when starting your business and scheduling ahead of time is the smartest approach. Most creative businesses use Instagram to grow their community so you won’t want to miss out and Planoly makes it possible to be as strategic as possible.


If you’ll need to talk with other people, which will happen I guarantee it, you’ll want to use an app to make appointments. Going back and forth in emails waste a lot of time. Calendly makes choosing a date and time easy!

You can simply send a link to your calendar essentially to the other person and Calendly shows them when you’re available. They choose a date and time that works for them and you’re all set! I’ve saved so much time using this app and it makes communication with inquiries and friends alike so much more streamlined. It’s a must-have.


When I first started my own business, I started with MailChimp and I lived to regret it. While it was a free option up to a point, I wasn’t able to setup my list in a strategic way when it was time to send my newsletter to subscribers. Once I made the switch to ConvertKit, I was hooked!

ConvertKit has all the tools you need to build a robust email list which will be essential for you when growing your business and bringing in additional income. You can tag subscribers based on what they are interested in, build sequences to automatically send welcome emails to new subscribers, and automate many tasks all from within the app.

Bonus Essentials

Apps are not the only things a new business owners need. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get these for yourself!

Website policies and a solid contract

I wrote about how important a website policies page is before but I cannot emphasize it enough: it’s illegal not to have one! Read the post to find out more. You also need a contract that will truly protect you when it is time to book clients. My go-to and what I use for all of my own clients is The Contract Shop. Christina has put together amazing resources that are legally sound so you can feel confident you’re doing business right. She offers much more than just contracts and website policies so make sure you visit and explore her shop!

High quality images

You will need images for your website and marketing and you want to make sure they are really good. Not only will you stand out in a good way but you’ll look so much more legit. Moyo Studio has the perfect combination of professional but unique stock imagery for your needs and I love using their mockups as well! They even have a membership where you can access everything in their shop. Trust me, you’ll need a library of images for your brand and this is the perfect option.

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