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September 14, 2018

In June, I was so excited to begin working with Amanda of Amanda Olivia Photography. When we first met, she was telling me all about her passion for photography and capturing memories for her clients that could be passed down through the generations.

But once we started talking about science of all things, I saw that same passion and her ability to balance both passions in her life when they both require a lot of dedication and care…it just amazes me!

Myself and Megan of Letterform Creative approached this brand from a place of heritage and tradition. Amanda’s style is simplistic and rich, with warmth throughout the new brand.

Amanda’s website also reflects that feeling of warmth and welcoming the visitor to explore and stay awhile. We were able to include a lot of helpful information while keeping in mind showcasing her beautiful work.

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I cannot wait to see where Amanda takes her business from here. She is one of the most passionate creative I’ve ever worked with and I know her journey is headed towards happiness and growth. Congratulations Amanda!

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