You have all of the puzzle pieces to making a real income. All you need are just more hours in the day. I get it.

After feeling like a failure approaching 3 years in business, not making a profit yet, working constantly…I carved out some time to make some templates and automate my stuff so at least my life would feel a little less insane.

I had no idea that nailing these systems would allow me to triple my income, bring home my husband to work with me, and allow me to launch a new business.

After a year of constantly tweaking my systems to perfection, I realized something huge: I even had a SYSTEM for creating systems.

(Cue me cheering like I’d just won the Quidditch House Cup)

A method to the madness


The Stefani Jessica Method

The System Creation system

So, who is the Stefani behind Stefani Jessica?

That’d be me.

I’m Stefani, Michigan born and raised, and I was lucky enough to be born with the perfect combination of strategic left brain and creative right brain so I can make your life easier and your business thrive.

When I’m not working, you can find me watching horror movies (or the entire Harry Potter series for the millionth time), traveling with my husband Chris, or starting a new book from my always full bookshelf.

I’ve been creating lists about (something fun and dorky and relatable) and over-planning my birthday parties since I was a kid. But who’s laughing now? My nerdy passion can help you take your business to the next level.


Seriously, I can’t thank you enough Stefani! I can see the light for so many things I’ve been wanting to share from my heart. This framework of systems you’ve shared with me today is going to make it so I can actually do it!

If you are struggling to get things done in your business it may be that you need Stefani to jump in and show you how you can make it so much easier on yourself! 

I was skeptical because I am pivoting and didn’t have concrete things to hand over to her, but she showed me just how wrong I was! I can’t wait to dive in and create these systems that will help me actually do these things I want to be doing!

But what Stefani showed me was how I could create systems and schedules that would allow me to think less and do more.

Before working with Stefani on her systems audit I had no idea what systems could do for me. I had a planner and knew I had tasks I needed to do or did do based on my “to do” list.


What do you need most right now?

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