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assorted client projects

Madeline Moore Events

custom website design

Stefani was so knowledgeable about design elements and what works and what doesn’t. My absolute favorite part about working together was the ability she had to understand my vision and the direction I saw the website going. I would basically spill out nonsense that made sense in my head and like magic, she would make it happen. Stefani was so easy to work with and explain things to, it really all clicked.
In the first week of launching, I booked two clients for 2018 wedding season! She was personal and I feel like I gained a friend in the process. I would recommend Stefani's services to anyone I know looking for an online makeover!

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Janae Marie Photography

showit website customization

I needed help figuring out design and wording for my website. I'd contacted other designers but was pulling my hair out. Working with Stefani was great! Her communication and flexibility made her the perfect choice. I learned just how I wanted my work to be presented.

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Nilo Burke Photography

showit website customization

My logo and site were not reflective of my vision for my photography business. Stefani customized my site and made it easy to navigate and user friendly.
I value people who know how to communicate their expectations and the facts of the project clearly without sugarcoating anything. I appreciate the honesty I received in this process and the prompt emails and messages were a bonus! It is important to see your photographs in the frame that you are going to display them in. Once I saw my images displayed in the "frame" that is the Showit site Stefani created for me, I know I want to polish my bright and airy style. Now I'm getting more website views and I LOVE that!

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IM Photo Studio

Showit Template Customization

Before contacting Stefani, I couldn't figure out how to edit my Showit template. I tried doing it myself and also looked at tutorials, but it was taking up a ton of my time. She did everything so quickly and always responded to all my emails in no time. Stefani understood the many demands I had. After booking her, I learned that it's ok to let someone take over and help you when you need it.

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Earth Blossoms

Showit Website Customization

Feedback coming soon!

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Becky Church Photography

Showit Template Customization

I was having issues with consistent branding and did not yet have a website built that I was confident in. I tried building 3 websites on my own, but wasn't feeling that they were the best option for me. Stefani worked with me diligently to make the website reflective of my personality and style. She was very timely and helped answer all of my questions. I like that Stefani allowed me to say what I wanted and stuck close to it. If there was something on the website that I wasn't loving, Stefani made the change to make sure I would walk away being proud of my site and confident in my work. I learned that the best thing I can do for my business, is simply be myself.

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Kayla Illies Photography

Branding and WordPress Website Design

Having my business professionally branded was one of the best decisions I've made for my business so far! I had finally realized that I could no longer make do with the cheap branding that I had because it didn't really represent who I was as a person or what I did as a business! I loved how knowledgeable, personable, and helpful Stefani was! She took the time to ask me in depth questions about myself and my business to get the best idea about my business branding that she could so she could create the perfect brand to represent it! My website is absolutely GORGEOUS now! Now my branding represents my business PERFECTLY! I definitely recommend her and her amazing work!

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The Creative Blog Co.

hand-lettered logo design

How lucky I am to work with people who INSPIRE me. Stefani, thank you for creating the perfect addition to my expanding brand!

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Photography by Marirosa

logo design and illustration

As my business continues to grow and evolve, I wanted the logo and feel of the website to evolve with it. I was tired of the way it looked, it just didn't feel right. I loved the simple and timeless feel of Stefani's A Day in April template. As I looked at it, I could envision how I would customize it. It seemed like an easy transition. I love the feel of my logo! It just 'flows' and adds a bit more of my personality to my brand in a timeless manner.

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Julie Haider

hand-lettered logo design

Before contacting Stefani to hand letter my logo, I wasn't happy with anything I was creating for myself. I already was a fan of her work and after speaking with another calligrapher, I felt more confident booking Stefani for this project. She delivered a perfect logo! She was quick to respond and made changes I requested. I learned that I need to let go sometimes and now I feel my logo better represents me. This change in my brand was long overdue and I'm not feeling held back anymore!

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Miguel Garcia


I was having trouble describing myself and by business to my ideal clients. I couldn't find the right words. I had it in my head but am unable to get it out of there and make it sound professional. I knew I needed to outsource and I was referred to Stefani by Laine, my brand and website designer. I'm so glad to have found her and once I spoke with her and she sent over the first round of content, I knew she was the right fit. Not only was this a timesaver for me, but Stefani took my ideas and made them possible. Through politeness and professionalism, she was able to write golden content for my website. I especially love my about page, which is always the hardest for me to complete.


Krista Dickson


Working with Stefani has been an absolute pleasure. She designed two custom logos for my business, and I couldn't be happier with the end results and with my overall experience! Stefani has always been friendly and courteous, and gone out of her way to make my dreams a reality. As someone with very little design background, Stefani has always been patient with me, and more than willing to answer all of my questions. I​ ​love that she presented me with multiple options and ideas to ensure I was happy with the end result. I could not recommend Stefani more and I know I'll be turning to her for all of my future design and branding needs!

Graphic design & course salespage

Christine Findlater


If you're looking to up your social media game and want to implement an Instagram strategy that makes posting a breeze, engages your followers and builds your audience, you need to contact Stefani! She quickly understood the needs of my business and worked with me to create an easy to follow plan that means I no longer fear social media! My post engagement is higher than it's ever been and coupled with some new branded social media graphics designed by Stefani, my Instagram feed has never looked better! Stefani not only has the design skills and the social media savvy, she's incredibly patient, generous, and an all round huge support for any new or growing business.


Kadyn Miller


I had designed a Squarespace website for a client of mine but couldn't implement a few parts of the design without custom code. I tried searching through google and Squarespace forums to figure out the code I needed. I also asked around in FB groups. Stefani was able to provide me with the custom code I needed to complete my client's website in a timely manner. She was always quick to respond, the project started and ended on time, and she went above and beyond to make it possible to launch my client on time. Stefani is a genuine, trustworthy person who really cares about her clients! I'm happy to have found her!

Squarespace CSS Customization

Chelisa Treadway


Working with Stefani has been a dream. Busy with my own work, I really needed someone to take over the extra work, like creating our website. I was able to hand over everything to Stefani and she executed it perfectly! Not to mention she was quick to get the job done. After the site was finished, she continued to check in which is more than I could ever ask for! Now we have a beautiful site we love!

Squarespace website design

Sagan Mcculloch


I approached Stefani hoping she would be able to help me design my blog so I could get it up and running, and she exceeded any and all expectations I had! She emailed me every day with updates on where she was at with her progress, and would also send me samples and ideas on what she was thinking to make sure I would be happy with what she was doing. She did such a fantastic job, I really don’t think i could have ever made my blog look as good as she made it. I am now confident with launching and have no doubts that the design of my blog will help draw readers in! I highly recommend using Stefani for any design help you need!

Logo & Wordpress blog design

Katie Griffith


My favorite thing about working with Stefani was how quickly and thoughtfully she responded to my needs. She created templates that were easy to use and beautifully matched my brand standards. I didn’t know how much I needed a designer until I started working with Stefani and realized how her design could elevate my social media posts. I’m so glad I found her!

Social media & marketing templates

I'm ready to book! what do you offer?

I'm ready to book! what do you offer?

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Stefani Jessica is a creative studio focused on creating a clear story for your business. Through intentional brand & website design, stress less and flourish within your business.
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