The key to a successful launch is simple

a top-notch sales page, authentic copy, and solid marketing

You've got a valuable new course that you've been busting your butt to put together. You really feel like it will help your audience and increase your income.

Creating a course (especially a kick ass one) takes some serious dedication. And right when you think it's time to rake in the moola, bam!

Now on top of all the modules you outlined, workbooks you designed in InDesign (once you took multiple hours just to figure out how to create a document), and the videos you recorded...

You need a sales page and copy.

And you can throw it together. It just needs to tell people what they get, the cost of the course...
It won't be too bad, right?

A course that could be a huge success can fail if the launch is not strategic and appealing to potential students.

The Brave Launch package

A 6-week project that results in a sales page that compliments your current brand and content for the page and marketing.

Wouldn't it be great if you could hand off the visuals and copy for your launch so that you can perfect your course?
Look no more!

I'm here to help you but how does this work?

What does it look like when we work together?

It is rather simple...

Once you book, you'll have a single questionnaire. I also provide a Google folder to gather your images and testimonials from past launches or other offerings so we can show how you've helped others.

Then when your project start date arrives, we'll meet for 60 minutes to discuss your goals, ideal students, and get to know one another. Coffee may be involved. Or donuts.
Or both.

I'll begin the design process by creating a sitemap that will outline the structure of your course page. Next I'll create the visuals that compliment your current branding but also stand alone to make your course look super professional.

Lastly, I'll plug in the content that will hook students. I'll also write out your marketing copy so when it's time to launch, you're prepared and confident.

The Story Package includes

Goal-focused strategy

Whether you're trying to enroll a
high number of students or have
a more limited amount of spots,
we can pivot your strategy to appeal to the right audience and match the outcome you're looking for.

web page that converts

With eye-catching visuals, your
viewers will stay on your page longer,
giving them more time to take the
leap to purchase your course. You can
have confidence in your sales page.
And you get the files? Score!

copy with personality

Course language is starting to all
sound the same, am I right? But if
your go-to phrases and quirks were
included in your copy, you could stand
out in a sea of similarity. I'm here to
help you achieve that!

balanced marketing

When selling a course, if you can
believe it, you don't want to be too
salesy. Corporate-speak won't work
here friend. We'll tap into your
audience's emotion and find the
students who will benefit most.

Miguel Garcia

of miguel garcia studios

I was having trouble describing myself and by business to my ideal clients. I couldn't find the right words. I had it in my head but am unable to get it out of there and make it sound professional. I knew I needed to outsource and I was referred to Stefani by Laine, my brand and website designer. I'm so glad to have found her and once I spoke with her and she sent over the first round of content, I knew she was the right fit. Not only was this a timesaver for me, but Stefani took my ideas and made them possible. Through politeness and professionalism, she was able to create write golden content for my website. I especially love my about page, which is always the hardest for me to complete.

Christine Findlater


If you're looking to up your social media game and want to implement an Instagram strategy that makes posting a breeze, engages your followers and builds your audience, you need to contact Stefani! She quickly understood the needs of my business and worked with me to create an easy to follow plan that means I no longer fear social media! My post engagement is higher than it's ever been and coupled with some new branded social media graphics designed by Stefani, my Instagram feed has never looked better! Stefani not only has the design skills and the social media savvy, she's incredibly patient, generous and an all round huge support for any new or growing business.

Kadyn Miller


I had designed a Squarespace website for a client of mine but couldn't implement a few parts of the design without custom code. I tried searching through google and Squarespace forums to figure out the code I needed. I also asked around in FB groups. Stefani was able to provide me with the custom code I needed to complete my client's website in a timely manner. She was always quick to respond, the project started and ended on time, and she went above and beyond to make it possible to launch my client on time. Stefani is a genuine, trustworthy person who really cares about her clients! I'm happy to have found you!

Julie Haider


Before contacting Stefani to hand letter my logo, I wasn't happy with anything I was creating for myself. I already was a fan of her work and after speaking with another calligrapher, I felt more confident booking Stefani for this project. She delivered a perfect logo! She was quick to respond and made changes I requested. I learned I need to let go sometimes and now I feel my logo better represents me. This change in my brand was long overdue and I'm not feeling held back anymore!

Sagan McCulloch


I approached Stefani hoping she would be able to help me design my blog so I could get it up and running, and she exceeded any and all expectations I had! She emailed me every day with updates on where she was at with her progress, and would also send me samples and ideas on what she was thinking to make sure I would be happy with what she was doing. She did such a fantastic job, I really don’t think i could have ever made my blog look as good as she made it. I am now confident with launching and have no doubts that the design of my blog will help draw readers in! I highly recommend using Stefani for any design help you need!

Katie Griffith


My favorite thing about working with Stefani was how quickly and thoughtfully she responded to my needs. She created templates that were easy to use and beautifully matched my brand standards. I didn’t know how much I needed a designer until I started working with Stefani and realized how her design could elevate my social media posts. I’m so glad I found her!

Friend, I can read your mind

what is the investment?

For the cost of this package, you will receive:
a 60 minute Skype call to pinpoint your launch goals
a sales page that hooks potential students
course branding and scalable files delivered to you
testimonial cleanup, sales funnel, ads, and more
welcome email to keep message consistent for new students

starting at $2500 for Squarespace, $3000 for Showit



Spots open in 2018

Booking officially opens on October 16, 2017

There are very limited spots available in 2018. To join the waitlist, fill out the form below and you'll be notified when booking opens.

You'll be hearing from me soon

The Brave Launch Package is made for big dreamers and hard workers. This package is for you if you've poured late nights and many hours into your course and you do not want to take the chance that your launch doesn't pay you back. You want to succeed and investing in your business is the way to get the most return on your investment.

If you're looking for fancy copy and pretty visuals but your course has no meat to it, this may not be for you. I take all the blood, sweat, and tears you've poured into each module and upsell the value you'll be providing. If your course is full of fluff and feel good lessons but not actionable content, it just won't work.

Since there are so many moving parts to a course and there are such a limited number of spots available for 2018, booking your project at least 2 months before your planned launch date.

The full process takes 6 weeks and during the timeline, your feedback is needed to make sure we create a page that is the perfect balance of valuable and engaging.

Before your project begins, you'll need to spend about 2-6 hours on your questionnaire and gathering the images you'd like to use on your page. You'll also want to collect those testimonials and headshots for past students or clients.

WordPress is a great open source website tool. However, being open source means there is no dedicated support and plugins (while there are thousands and you have a lot of great options for specialized content) are all handled by different people.

This equals broken sites, design errors, and constant updating and with the type of businesses I tend to work with, this option does not allow an ease of use and maintenance.

I do love using Squarespace and Showit for my clients.

I do offer payment plans for each client. No matter the size of the final project, a $1000 retainer and signed contract is required to book. The remaining payments are then split evenly either 50/50 or in thirds.

The amount of time between payments is directly correlated with the amount of time between the date of booking and the final payment due in the 4th week of the project.

If you have a more specific question, simply let me know and I'm happy to help.

That is the exact reason you want to hire a designer/copywriter: because you've already spent a lot of time creating your course. Burnout is real friend. You don't want to miss a golden opportunity to grow your business because in the last push, your mind was fried. I can approach your launch with fresh eyes and years of knowledge to make sure it's stellar.

If you'd like to work together, I'm thrilled to hear more about you! Simply contact me and we'll chat.

The Answer

Frequently asked questions

01 • Who is the Immersive Story Package for and who would not benefit from it?

The Immersive Story Package is made with heartfelt creatives in mind. I never want you to limit your business' potential because writing a ton of copy for your website is overwhelming. I aim to make each and every one of my clients feel confidence when they share about their passion. If you're ready to work with dream opportunities rather than clients who don't appreciate your worth, this package is for you.

If you are just starting out in your business and it's less than a year old, you may not be quite ready to hone in on your focus and your unique position. This is the time to try new offerings, experiment with your process, and figure out what you want to focus on the most.

02 • You don't offer brand design?

A brand is essential to running a business that has a strong client experience. You know what else is essential to running an online business? A website.

I brand your website within this package. You receive the same brand elements you would get from a brand designer that does not offer website design/development or copywriting. To make branding easier to grasp and utilize in your business, I like using it to build up a memorable online experience for your potential clients.

03 • How long does the entire process take? How much time will I need to invest in my preparation?

The project itself from start to finish is a 6 week process. I take a very limited number of projects at a time to ensure I'm able to focus on each client's business on a personal level.

Before the project begins, your homework or image collecting will take between 4-8 hours over a several weeks long period of time. With limited spots, projects are booked at least a month or so in advance, giving you plenty of time to focus on your prep work.

Once we begin working together, each week I'll need feedback on my work, which takes up to 2 hours. I will always tell you ahead of time what information I need to make it easier.

01 • Who is the Brave Launch Package for and who would not benefit from it?

02 • How long before my launch date should I book?

03 • How long does the entire process take? How much time will I need to invest in my preparation?

04 • Why don't you offer WordPress as a website option?

05 • Do you offer payment plans for the total investment? How much is the retainer?

06 • I've put a ton of time into this course so I should be able to launch by myself, why book a designer/copywriter?

07 • I'd love to work together! What is the best way to start the process?

Website design and copywriting all in one complete package.

Stefani Jessica is a creative studio focused on creating a clear message for your business. Through intentional website design and copywriting all included in one package, stress less and flourish within your business.

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websites and content, all in one!

Stefani Jessica is a creative studio focused on creating a clear message for your business. Through intentional website design and copywriting all included in one package, stress less and flourish within your business.

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