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Creating Connection: 4 Reasons Your Message Matters As Much As Your Visuals

September 8, 2017


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When you’re an entrepreneur, you have to be wise when it comes to investing in your own business. Connection is build through branding, content typically takes a backseat to the visual design. It’s easy to understand why: it feels like you’re getting more for your money when you get a website for your money rather than words in a Google Doc.

However, your message is what takes your business from “pretty to look at” to “I have to work with her”. And building a connection with your audience is even more important when you’re a creative business owner. I shared before how to sound authentic and hook your ideal client using your about page, but today we’ll focus on the content you use throughout your whole business.

Your services are not tangible

As a service provider, you are not selling a product that you client can keep, to a point. You need to convey the value and expertise they are purchasing from you. Without the proper wording, your viewer won’t understand where their investment is going. Your photography package starts at $2000. But why? You understand the time and energy that goes into delivering beautiful photos to your clients. And those hours of workshops and styled shoots weren’t all for nothing!

No matter what industry you’re in, people need to know what you’re providing to them. The proper content will help them make the purchase. Salesy gimmicks and corporate jargon won’t work here. You have to connect with your reader’s concerns. Clear messaging markets your services better than any pretty photo or pattern could.

Woo your clients with consistency

When people book you, they are really booking who you are. There are lots of event planners, lots of illustrators…every industry is saturated, let’s be honest! But you have what no one else does: your unique skills and personality. Your brand visuals will definitely make you look different than everyone else but your personality shines through most in the content you share. Keeping the same brand voice on social media, your website, newsletter, and communication allows your readers to get to know you.

Your content can target the right people

Not everyone will click with you and that is exactly what you want. Your copy has the ability to seek out people that vibe with your personality and understand your worth. When designing your website, you want your story to unfold and keep the viewer on your site. Avoiding long blocks of text will keep the reader’s attention. A clear message using the right words will hook your potential client.

Another benefit is that it pushes away people that don’t get you. Getting along with clients, as you know, is essential to a good working relationship when the service you provide is so personal…which leads me to the last reason.

What you offer is special to your clients

I’m not just trying to butter you up, it’s true! Creatives offer products and services that mean something to the consumer. You’re not just selling anything. When you’re a photographer or event planner, you’re selling memories. As a course creator or VA, you’re selling more time with their families and a better life/business. Sometimes, it feels like you’re not really making a difference in the lives of your clients, but you are.

Your messaging is what connects you up to your perfect match. The words you use build bridges. The thought behind them has weight and focusing on your content is a strategy you just cannot skip in your business.

What small steps can you take to better your copy on your website or social media? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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