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I am Stefani Lefler, the owner and designer behind Stefani Jessica: a Michigan based design studio that serves business owners worldwide. Through design, strategy, and content creation, I create a confident branded voice that speaks to your audience.
I share business, design, and copywriting tips with a bit of resources that I use and brand reveals mixed in.

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The Project Timeline: Crafting a Ready-to-launch Website and Content in 6 Weeks

Sep 29, 2017


When building a business strategy, custom website, and all of the content for that site, a solid timeline is key. As a business owner, you know that projects have a lot of moving parts. I like to have the same timeline for each client so that there are no questions about what comes next. I […]

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Inquiry to Booked: What the Onboarding Process Looks Like Before Your Project Begins

Sep 27, 2017


Once you hit submit on a contact form, you’re starting what is called the onboarding process. Owning a business is all about systems. Every business owner has a certain process to book new clients. When thinking of all the work ahead of you, just inquiring to book someone can seem daunting. With services that combine […]

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Creative at Heart: Being Brave Enough to Follow Your Own Path

Aug 16, 2017


When I heard Creative at Heart was holding another conference, I knew I had to attend. You see, I went to round 2 in Roanoke, Virginia and while I had an absolutely amazing time, I wasn’t fully myself. With a cane and a lot of baggage, I went to that conference with a lot of […]

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Brand & Website design and copywriting all in one complete package.

Stefani Jessica is a creative studio focused on creating a clear message for your business. Through intentional brand & website design plus copywriting all included in one package, stress less and flourish within your business.

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Stefani Jessica is a creative studio focused on creating a clear story for your business. Through intentional brand & website design, stress less and flourish within your business.
Coding since I was 12, creative since birth.

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