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You have an amazing business. You're passionate and driven. You work hard and have built a small following of past clients and customers. But something is missing.

You know you should be marketing your business more. You want to scream from the rooftops, "Everyone! I'm a small business owner!" But you feel tethered down. A sinking feeling...

Your branding and website don't match the level of awesome-ness you know is there. So much potential, but you shy away from sharing your work.

The Problem —

• you're a badass hustler who has worked too hard for too long to not be noticed in your industry and you want to elevate your business

• you're a business owner following your passion and creating from the heart but you just aren't reaching clients and customers that connect with your story and value your expertise

• you want to feel confident when you talk about your business because you know your personality shines like a beacon through your brand and website design

— We are a perfect match, if...

A brand that builds trust in your audience. Design that makes people stop in their tracks and think, "Wow, I want to know more about this person." A website that keeps viewers exploring and learning before booking your services. Content that sings with personality, heart, and professionalism.
Let's make it happen, together.

— The Solution?

The Layered Brand

a custom brand in 4-6 weeks

• extensive brand, client, and voice worksheets
• moodboard and brand board
• primary logo, black and white version, alternate logo, and favicon
• color palette and font choices
• one included pattern, texture, or graphic element
• one included collateral piece
• comprehensive brand guide including visual, strategy, and content guidelines

Your investment for the brand package will be $2000

The Signature Package

a custom brand and website in 8-10 weeks // limited spots for 2017

• extensive brand, client, website, and voice worksheets
• moodboard and brand board
• primary logo, black and white version, alternate logos, and favicon
• handlettering/calligraphy included
• color palette and font choices
• brand elements including patterns, textures, icons, and graphic elements
• three included collateral pieces
• fully designed and developed responsive website with up to 8 pages + blog and legal page
• comprehensive brand guide including visual, strategy, and content guidelines + a brand growth plan
• launch plan including social media announcement graphic

Your investment for the Signature package will be...
Squarespace Website is $4000 // Showit5 Website is $5000

• social media account designs $100/per account
• additional graphics (pattern, illustration, icon set, hand-lettered elements) $100/each
• collateral (business cards, thank you cards, pricing guide, media kit, templates, packaging) starting at $150/each
• digital resource design (presentation slides, workbook) starting at $500/each

Additional Services

• website copywriting (includes terms + conditions, privacy policy, disclaimer) $1000
• email copywriting (email course, welcome sequence, sales funnel, newsletter) $800
• sales page copywriting $600
• social media copywriting (marketing, captions, bios) $400

Copywriting services

The Process —



Once you've been officially booked, our relationship begins before your project date even arrives. You'll receive access to your personal client dashboard on Honeybook, which we'll use to keep track of the project and work together. You'll have questionnaires to complete so I can find out more about you and your business and we'll have a Skype consultation to go over your answers and spend some time together.

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The day your project date arrives, I'll take all of the information you've provided me from your questionnaires and our face-to-face meetings to create a plan for how to infuse who you are and who you're looking to work with in your brand. Researching your competition and design staples that last when trends fade away is my way to create a strong foundation for your brand. Then, I'll create a moodboard to reflect your brand's visual direction.

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I'll present the moodboard to you and, if needed, we'll refine it a bit. Once we're on the same page, I'll begin creating your entire brand concept, from logos to colors and graphics. I create a full brand so that you can visualize how your brand elements will work together to share your message with your audience. We will have another meeting so that I can explain any choices that were made and walk you through the brand before we refine it.

see what's next >>



Refinements and revisions are two very different processes. Since your full concept is based on not only who you are but what your ideal clients are looking for and what can make you stand out in your industry, I will only present you with a brand I have full confidence in. However, your brand must resonate with you and give you the confidence to take your business to the next level. If needed, we'll refine your brand so it matches your goals.

if you book the signature package >>

Web Presence


Once we've met up again and your brand is finalized, I'll transform your visuals and message into a beautiful website. Whether you choose Showit5 or Squarespace, I'll send a sitemap and wireframe so you have an idea of what the site will look like. Next is my absolute favorite part, designing and developing your website. I'll present the website to you in another meeting so I can show you all of the little details included and get your feedback.

and finally >>



It's time to plan your relaunch! You'll receive your brand guidelines, a launch graphic for social media, and we'll meet up one final time to go over how to maintain your website and grow your business in the future based on your goals we've previously spoken about. Then I'll deliver your final files (including a video recording of our meeting so you can refer back when needed) and we'll choose a day to announce (and celebrate) your new brand!

ready to work together?

When investing in a brand, whether it's the first time or rebranding from a past design, the many layers that go into a design that lasts cannot easily be separated. I know many very talented brand designers who offer a la carte services. However, my passion lies in transforming a business from the inside out and truly creating a new experience for your clients and customers. Additional elements are available to clients booking either package offered to expand the services included so that their business' unique circumstances will be taken into account.

I know what you're thinking: I want you to create 3-6 logo concepts for me to choose from so I can pick. Believe me, I followed that same train of thought for the first 3 years I was in business. But what I found to be true almost every time I presented lots of concepts to my clients was that I had to really stretch the good elements of the design between all of these choices, those elements that I knew would work best, and that my clients got overwhelmed. You're hiring me to help you. I have the knowledge and skills to create a brand tailored to you and your business. I present a solution more than a concept. This takes out the stress for us both.

I love both platforms (and use both within my own business) and while working with them, I've figured out when each is better for a project. They're both very similar in the sense of their drag and drop capabilities and how easy it is to update and change your website when you need to.
During our initial face-to-face meeting before you book, we'd go over what you need from your website and which one would work best for your unique situation. If Squarespace is your choice, the timeline is about 6 weeks. With Showit mostly because of the additional possibilities to start a website from scratch, the timeline is 8 weeks (which reflects the additional investment).

Yes, we do offer payment plans! When you decide to book, a signed contract and a paid invoice of 50% of the project cost is due to secure your project date. The remaining 50% is due after your completed website presentation before final files are delivered.
The investment for the package includes all time needed to complete your project within the allotted weeks. Any additional refinements or work days needed to finish a project that falls behind will be billed at $80/hour.
We will go over the number of allowed refinements for each step in the process during your initial consultation before you book.

Yes, I do work with businesses to create amazing content for their website, a sales page for a new launch, email marketing, and social media. If you're interested in only copywriting services, just let me know when you contact me. I'm happy to book you as soon as I can to create engaging content for you.
Some client homework is included in your investment, so to ensure you have enough time to thoroughly fill out everything, reach out to me at least 3 weeks before you need to launch your brand new content.
Want to email me directly?

Ready to launch a confident business?

friend, i am honored to partner with you to create a heartfelt brand that shines

Let's work together

Having my business professionally branded was one of the best decisions I've made for my business so far! I had finally realized that I could no longer make do with the cheap branding that I had because it didn't really represent who I was as a person or what I did as a business! I loved how knowledgeable, personable, and helpful Stefani was! She took the time to ask me in depth questions about myself and my business to get the best idea about my business branding that she could so she could create the perfect brand to represent it! My website is absolutely GORGEOUS now! Now my branding represents my business PERFECTLY!

I definitely recommend her and her amazing work!



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Branding that boosts your confidence.

Stefani Jessica is a creative studio focused on partnering with business owners to create confident and heartfelt brands made to thrive. This is done through custom branding, website design and development, copywriting, and hand-lettering services.


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Branding that boosts your confidence.

Stefani Jessica is a creative studio focused on partnering with business owners to create confident and heartfelt brands made to thrive. This is done through custom branding, website design and development, copywriting, and hand-lettering services.

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